Engineering Postgraduate Professional Development Committee

Terms of Reference
  1. To advise the School on ways to improve the educational experience of postgraduate students, with a focus on issues related to professional skills development and career planning. The discharge of these responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:
    • Making recommendations to the School on programs and activities related to professional skills development of postgraduate students;
    • Participating in the design, implementation, and/or delivery of these programs and activities;
    • Collecting and informing the School of participant feedback;
    • Initiating activities to support postgraduate students with professional skills enhancement opportunities.
  2. To advise the School on general matters related to postgraduate professional development.

To co-opt additional members as may be required


Chairman appointed by the School

  • Mr. Haofei WANG - Student representative of the Engineering Postgraduate Studies Committee
  1. One student representative each from BIEN, CBME, CIVL, CSE, ECE, EVNG, IELM, MAE, and TLE, nominated by each department/ program office
    • Mr. Alexander William NICOL - BIEN
    • Mr. Ergys PAHIJA - CBME
    • Mr. Haofei WANG - ECE
    • Miss Pavithra PARTHASARATHY - CIVL and EVNG
    • Miss Yili TANG - CIVL and EVNG
    • TBC - CSE
    • TBC - IELM
    • TBC - MAE
    • Mr. Koen VAN WALSTIJN - TLE
  2. One student representative nominated by the IPO
    • Miss Meike SAUERWEIN
Term: One year, renewable. At least half of the members shall serve a second term to keep the continuity of the committee.