Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.

We are pleased to announce that the SENG Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®) has been expanded to the university level through our collaboration with the Office of Postgraduate Studies starting in 2018. It has been renamed as HKUST Three Minute Thesis Competition. We welcome all the research postgraduate (RPg) students on campus to participate. The event details are as follows.

Final Round
March 27, 2018 (Tuesday)
Room 6581-2 via Lift 27-28, Academic Building
All HKUST RPg students. (Eight finalists will be selected through the pre-selection interview for this final round.)
Each finalist will have 3 minutes to present his/her research, following the competition rules and judging criteria provided by the University of Queensland. The presentation videos of the 3MT® winners around the world can be found here. After each presentation, the finalist should expect questions from the judging panel. His/her performance in the Q&A session will be evaluated together with his/her 3MT® presentation. All the finalists are suggested checking the 3MT® competitor guide while preparing for the final round.
Judging Panel
Faculty members from SSCI, SENG, SBM, SHSS, and IPO

1st Runner-up

2nd Runner-up

People's Choice
Prize* valued at HK$3,000

Travel grant of up to HK$15,000** for competing in the 2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT® Competition. The awardee must be a HKUST RPg student when the 2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT® Competition is held.

Prize* valued at HK$2,000

Travel grant of up to HK$15,000** for attending the 2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT® Competition. The awardee must be a HKUST RPg student when the 2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT® Competition is held.      

Prize* valued at HK$1,000

Prize* valued at HK$1,000 (audience's voting)

* It will be used to cover research-related expenses, including but not limited to traveling and accommodation of any research-related trip, conference registration fee, research-related hardware/software, and books. The awardees need to provide supporting documents and original receipts for reimbursement.

** It will be used to cover the air fare of the round trip between Hong Kong and the city where the competition is held, accommodation of two nights, and registration fee. The awardees need to submit original receipts, event photos, and individual reports about the Asia-Pacific 3MT® Competition for reimbursement. Boarding passes and original receipts for accommodation with the awardees' names are required.

Pre-selection Interview     
March 5 and 6, 2018
Each interview will last for 15 minutes. You will be informed of your time slot through email.
To be confirmed through email
The pre-selection interview aims at selecting finalists with strong everyday communication skills before entering the final round focusing on more specific research presentation skills. Therefore, 30% of the interview is research related, and 70% is about non-research topics. Questions will be randomly chosen on site by the participants. Participants have limited time (e.g. 1, 2, or 5 minutes) to answer each question. No presentation or slides are needed.
All participants will be notified of the results within a week after all the interviews are finished.

Telephone: 2358 5934