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Peer Training Workshop on LaTeX

April 7 and 14, 2016, Posted In: Postgraduate, professional development, research skills , Venue: E-learning Classroom B, Learning Commons

As part of the SENG RPg professional development program, two peer training workshops on LaTeX were offered by Koen van Walstijn, a MPhil student in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship, to SENG RPg students. The training started with the basic knowledge of LaTeX and focused on participants’ hands-on practice in class. The participants practiced how to start a document, creating sections, writing equations, inserting figures and tables, and formatting different parts of an article using basic LaTeX commands. The instructor also introduced the learning resources to help the participants explore more about LaTeX after the class. We believe that peer training is an effective way for student learning and would like to continue this approach to make the SENG RPg professional development program more stimulating and effective.

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