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The Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Create Opportunity for Yourself at Every Stage of Your Career

October 15, 2013, Posted In: Postgraduate, professional development, entrepreneurship , Venue: Venue: Room 6581-2 (E2I training room)

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled.

--- Prof. Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School

Starting with his own experience, Prof. Michael Sung, Adjunct Associate Professor of ECE, shared his opinions on the entrepreneurial mindset and how to create opportunities at every career stage. According to Prof. Sung, being entrepreneurial is a valuable general skill-set and mindset that can be applied in any work or life setting and at every stage of your career. The key concepts are in developing the ability to identify and effectively analyze opportunities, to be resourceful and make useful connections, and to creatively synthesize new opportunities in a multidisciplinary way by thinking outside the box.

What students had to say about the event:

It provided me a new way to see my research work.

I have learned that there are more opportunities than we actually see and we should look beyond the limit if we want to be someone.

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