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How to Write a Good Paper for a Top International Journal

October 18, 2013, Posted In: Postgraduate, professional development, writing , Venue: Room 6580 (Technology Education Theater)

Prof. Joseph Lee, Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies of the university and Chair Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, joined the first-year RPGs during this lunch conversation and gave his valuable advice on how to write and publish a research journal paper. This talk covered a number of key components that researchers need to consider when writing a research journal paper, from the paper structure to the originality of ideas and other ethical issues.

Overall the students really valued the advice they had received:

I learn from the lecture what the structure of a paper should be, how we can come up with a conclusion that my work can be submitted, the idea behind the preparation of figures, graphs, and tables, writing introduction, and choosing title.

(I learned) how to arrange the structure of a paper, the importance of the abstract, that the introduction should convince readers that my work is important, and that the discussion part should be what the results mean.

Quite good suggestion given by Prof. Lee at the end: Read, Write and Re-write, finally Believe in yourself.

I have learnt more detailed knowledge about how to write a research paper and the importance of ethical issues when submitting the paper to a journal.

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