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2014 SENG RPg Communication Competition

March 28, 2014, Posted In: Postgraduate, professional development, communication skills , Venue: Room 6581-2, Academic Building

The first SENG RPg Communication Competition was held successfully with the participation of eight engaging RPg students and the experienced judging panel consisting of SENG faculty members and communication professionals. In Part I, the contestants used a combination of humor, analogies, and diagrams to illustrate their research, following the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) format. In Part II, they demonstrated their ability to articulate the thoughts and think on their feet in a non-technical one-on-one debate. Through two rounds of the competition, Mr. Peng Wang, first-year PhD student of CIVL, won the championship. The second and the third places went to Ms. Rashi Bhushan (first-year PhD student of CIVL) and Mr. Khawar Sarfraz (third-year PhD student of ECE) respectively. Prof. Christopher Chao, on behalf of the judging panel, congratulated all of the contestants for their great performance. He said that the panel was very impressed by the logical thinking and effective communication skills that the contestants demonstrated.

Judging Panel

  • Prof. Christopher Chao, Associate Dean of Engineering
  • Prof. Mitchell Tseng, Chair Professor of IELM
  • Dr. Arthur McNeill, Director of the Center for Language Education
  • Mr. Nick Noakes, Director of the Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching
  • Prof. Matthew McKay, Hari Harilela Associate Professor of ECE
  • Prof. David Rossiter, Associate Professor of Engineering Education in CSE
  • Mr. Graham Young, Communication Tutor in MAE and IPO

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