Postgraduate Student Resources


Professional Development in Engineering was launched in the fall semester of 2013-14 as a brand-new RPg course. It aims to improve and enhance RPgs’ professional skills. E2I takes the leading role in supporting the school to design, deliver, and coordinate the course, and assess achieved learning outcomes.

E2I’s Focus


E2I collaborates with faculty, staff, and the Center for Language Education to offer a series of training events and also provides the opportunity for students to interact with external experts. These events are delivered in a variety of forms, such as interactive workshops, lunch conversations, seminars, and a competition, to ensure course effectiveness and student enthusiasm.


E2I offers case study workshops to provide students the opportunity to analyze ethical challenges and practice the skills to make value judgment in the academic environment.


E2I collaborates with SENG faculty to offer lunch conversations on high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship to broaden engineering RPgs’ career horizons.

Other Themes

E2I also supports several departments in such themes as research management and career for engineering PhDs by providing discipline-specific interactive workshops and discussion forums where stu dents are able to interact with faculty and external professionals for the advice on research management and career development.