Peer Mentoring Program

Upcoming PMP Events and Activities

Tentative Date Events
March 2014 Peer Mentors Recruitment and Interviews
April 2014 1st Training Workshop (Official Welcome; Roles & Responsibility)
May 2014 2nd Training Workshop (2-day overnight camp; Leadership and Teamwork)
June 2014 Submission of Year Plans and T-shirt Designs
July 2014 Submission of Poster Designs
Mental Health First Aid training (instructed by SAO)
August 2014 Registration Day Rundown
“Train-the-Trainer” workshop (instructed by external trainers)
12, 14  Aug 2014 SENG Welcome & Induction
27 Aug 2014 SENG Team Building Camp
September 2014 Clan reunion
October 2014 to February 2015 Clan-based activities (e.g. gatherings, study groups, etc.)

Past PMP Events and Activities

Peer Mentors Celebrate Christmas at the End of the Fall Semester

December 21, 2015, Posted In: Undergraduate,PMP

The Center for Engineering Education Innovation (E2I) invited the 2015-16 Peer Mentors to a Christmas Gathering on 21 Dec to review and celebrate their efforts in the Peer Mentoring Program during the past Term.
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Undergraduates Engineered Rafts to Compete in Exciting Rafting Competition

October 1, 2015, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate, Rafting

SENG undergraduates formed teams on their own to design a raft with common materials like plastic water jars, plastic tubes and foam pool noodles.
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SENG’s First-year Students Joined in Engaging Team Building Camp

August 29, 2015, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate

Newly admitted engineering students all gathered for this year’s Team Building Camp. Students engaged in different team building activities throughout the whole day event.
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Christmas Gathering for Peer Mentors

December 23, 2014, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate

Peer Mentors gathered to celebrate the Christmas holiday in the Engineering Commons on 23 Dec. Participants went through fun games that challenged their team building skills, discussed their thoughts on the program and their mentoring experiences in the Fall Semester.
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Intercultural Peer Learning Program 2014

July 21-25, 2014, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate

The first ever Intercultural Peer Learning Program was coordinated by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technologies (HKUST) Center for Engineering Education Innovation (E2I) and the Sungkyunkwan University Hub Center for Innovative Engineering Education (SKKU Hub Center).
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PMs get together for a boat trip around Sai Kung

June 19, 2014, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate

Staff advisors from the Center for Engineering Education Innovation (E2I) organized a boat trip for the Peer Mentors (PMs) after the group had completed a series of workshops.
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PMs strengthen their bond at a overnight training camp

May 30-31, 2014, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate, Training Camp

New to the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) this year is a 2-day training camp held at the Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village. All of the Peer Mentors (PMs) from the nine clans were invited to this leadership training and clan bonding experience.
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PMs Win at the Starting Line

April 30, 2014, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate, Training Workshop

The new group of Peer Mentors (PM) that will be leading the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) in the 2014-15 Academic Year were welcomed into the program with an informal gathering and training session.
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SENG undergraduates battle it out with rafts made from everyday materials

Oct 12, 2013, Posted In: PMP, undergraduate, rafting competition

In this rafting competition organized by E2I, undergraduate students from across the School of Engineering took part in building and racing their rafts. Participants worked in teams of 4-7 to build a raft out of everyday materials like water jugs, pool noodles, nylon twine, and duct tape.
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Team bonding over squid fishing

Oct 11, 2013, Posted In: Sai Kung

Members of the Skyscrapers, Skyscrapines and Hexagon Clans bonded with each other during a squid fishing trip in the habour just off of the Sai Kung Peninsula. The clans’ mentors arranged for a squid fishing boat to take the group out for a night-time fishing trip
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Peer Mentors share their experiences at Parents’ Day

Sept 29, 2013, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate, Outreach

E2I’s peer mentors helped host prospective and current students and their families at HKUST’s Parents’ Day.
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Mental Health First Aid Workshop

Jun 3-4, 2013, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate, Counseling

E2I’s peer mentors were offered an opportunity to complete a basic training course for mental health first aid that was conducted by HKUST’s SAO.
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Newly recruited peer mentors learn about the PMP

30 Apr & 30-31 May 2013, Posted In: Undergraduate Development, Peer Mentoring Program

The new group of peer mentors who will be serving in the 2012-13 academic year go through a two-day training program to learn more about their role in the peer mentoring program.
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SENG undergraduates race rafts in a watermelon collecting challenge

Nov 10, 2012, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate, Rafting Competition

SENG undergraduates were challenged to build a raft out of plastic water jugs and foam pool noodles that could support not just the weight of a person but also carry a small load. The teams paddled around the swimming pool on their rafts to collect “points” during a 10 minute water battle. The winning team had to pick up a small watermelon and as many plastic balls as they could in order to earn the most “points”.
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The first cohort of 4-year SENG undergraduates join the HKUST family

31 Jul & 6 Sept 2012, Posted In: Undergraduate Development, Peer Mentoring Program

E2I helped facilitate registration day for the first group of four-year undergraduate engineering students. E2I’s peer mentors assisted the newly admitted students with their course registration and also led a campus tour.
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Peer Mentors receive professional facilitation and leadership training

8 Aug 2012, Posted In: Undergraduate Development, Peer Mentoring Program

E2I’s peer mentors took part in a two-day professional training program taught by Chorev Consulting International. They reflected on their own leadership styles and learned how to effectively lead a diverse group of students
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