Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentors Celebrate Christmas at the End of the Fall Semester

December 21, 2015, Posted In: Undergraduate,PMP

The Center for Engineering Education Innovation (E2I) invited the 2015-16 Peer Mentors to a Christmas Gathering on 21 Dec to review and celebrate their efforts in the Peer Mentoring Program during the past Term. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and a game of “Peer Mentor Secret Gift Exchange”. The Peer Mentors discussed their experiences with Mentees in the past half-year and reflected on what could be improved for the Spring Term. The Peer Mentors also underwent personality assessments to understand more about their characteristics and how to fully utilize their ability in assisting Mentees. Games that focused on team building skills were played during the Party. The Gathering ended with the presentation of an official Peer Mentor Jacket to each of the Peer Mentors in the Program.

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