Peer Mentoring Program

PMs strengthen their bond at a overnight training camp

May 30-31, 2014, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate, Training Camp

New to the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) this year is a 2-day training camp held at the Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village. All of the Peer Mentors (PMs) from the nine clans were invited to this leadership training and clan bonding experience. The camp began at HKUST with a “Leading Self” workshop facilitated by two external trainers. The PMs had a chance assess their own personalities and behaviors before leveraging individual skills to succeed in a team challenge.

The nine clans were challenged to build the tallest free-standing marshmallow and spaghetti structure. As the PMs worked together to complete this challenge, they become more aware of their own behavioral styles—direct and time conscious like “Drivers” or supportive and accommodating to everyone’s opinions like “Amiables”. The PMs also learned how language and motion can be used as effective tools to raise the energy level within their clans. They will have a chance to implement these skills to energize their mentees and generate a lively clan spirit during the upcoming SENG Team Building Camp in August 2014.

At the campsite, the PMs were debriefed through a variety of activities about establishing their clan identify, and common reasons for communication breakdowns. The PMs also drafted their Clan’s Year Plan for activities and events to be held in 2014-15, and started to put their plans into action.

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