Peer Mentoring Program

PMs Win at the Starting Line

April 30, 2014, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate, Training Workshop

The new group of Peer Mentors (PM) that will be leading the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) in the 2014-15 Academic Year were welcomed into the program with an informal gathering and training session.

The focus of the night was to introduce the objectives of the PMP and expectations for the PMs. In this first gathering for the PMs, a number of interactive activities were used to bring out different messages of the program. The first ice breaking activity had each PM find another member of his/her clan by searching for a specific member with the given characteristics listed on his/her clue sheet.

After the clans had assembled all of their PMs together, they competed in a series of team challenges to illustrate the importance of collaboration, communication, and focus on completing a task.

One of the key take-away messages for the PMs is to make good use of the strengths of each PM and collectively support their mentees to have a successful transition from high school to university.

All of the PMs were challenged to strive for E2I’s Outstanding Peer Mentor Award, given in recognition of the dedication and passion demonstrated by the PM throughout the program. The PMs left the workshop feeling energized and motivated for the year ahead in the program.

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