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Intercultural Peer Learning Program 2014

July 21-25, 2014, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate

The first ever Intercultural Peer Learning Program was coordinated by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technologies (HKUST) Center for Engineering Education Innovation (E2I) and the Sungkyunkwan University Hub Center for Innovative Engineering Education (SKKU Hub Center). The program held at SKKU’s Suwon campus in Seoul, Korea aimed to inspire students to analyze problems with a global vision and multiple perspectives. It brought together with 20 undergraduate engineering students selected from the peer mentoring programs at SKKU and HKUST.

After visiting the Korean Folk Village and Seoul city, students from SKKU and HKUST worked collaboratively in teams of four to come up with engineering designs that could improve the daily lives of the people living in Korea. One team decided to improve the efficiency of the railway system by using NFC technology on the railway seats to optimize passenger flow and seating. Another team re-designed the current roadside drainage systems with a prototype that could improve drainage efficiency and reduce road-curb ponding. The winning design was a 3D-hanger prototype named Umbranger, which combines the mechanism of an umbrella and a hanger to increase the drying rate of clothes. The projects were evaluated by Prof. Neil MICKLEBOROUGH and Prof. Ben CHAN from E2I, and both agreed the winning team delivered the best presentation and showed excellent teamwork throughout the design process. The next delivery of the program will be held in Hong Kong.

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