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SENG’s First-year Students Joined in Engaging Team Building Camp

August 29, 2015, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate

Newly admitted engineering students all gathered for this year’s Team Building Camp. The event started off with a welcoming speech by Prof. T.C. PONG, the Director of Center for Engineering Education Innovation and warm-up activities to get the over 500 participants to get to know each other. Participants then separated into their respective clans for team building activities hosted by professional team building consultants. Using teamwork and engineering thinking participants built a “moving machine” similar to a Rube-Goldberg Machine, which consists of different parts that could transfer motion from one side of the room to the other.

In the afternoon, participants were separated into smaller groups to explore the HKUST Campus by completing a photo collage. Participants went around the campus to complete games and photos tasks at the different check-points. Polaroid photos were taken after accomplishing each task. The day ended with students creating a 1-meter tall collage photo spelling out “HKUST SENG with the Polaroid photos that captured all of the memories students gained during the event.

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