Peer Mentoring Program

Undergraduates Engineered Rafts to Compete in Exciting Rafting Competition

October 1, 2015, Posted In: PMP, Undergraduate, Rafting

SENG undergraduates formed teams on their own to design a raft with common materials like plastic water jars, plastic tubes and foam pool noodles.

After building their rafts from scratch, the teams competed with one another in two different challenges. First in the raft relay, all teams were tested on their raft’s speed and stability as they paddled along the swimming pool. The designs of rafts significantly impacted its functionality and the number of paddlers they could hold up. Next in raft ball, teams engaged in a fast-paced water polo game. The event ended by awarding certificates and prizes to the teams with the highest cumulative score and the best raft design. Congratulations to BKT & Poseidon for the highest scoring team and GoRaft for having the best raft design.

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