Undergraduate Student Resources

Academic Questions

  1. What are the implications for under- or over-loading credits?
  2. Why isn’t there a "phys 1112"(physics with calculus) course in my pre-enrolment? It is the fundamental course for ELEC?
  3. Why was my enrolment unsuccessful when my timetable has an empty slot for a particular course that still has quota?
  4. What are the validation and class enrollment periods and procedures?
  5. Why is there duplication in Major Requirement (Engineering Fundamentals) and Common Core Requirements (i.e. courses such as mech1901 and phy 1112 are in the same field in common core (S&T))
  6. What are the math course requirements? MATH1013 is a major requirement of BEng. However, if I take MATH1023, which is an exclusion of MATH1013, do i still need to take MATH1013 in another year?
  7. How can students apply for the language courses exemption
  8. Can I drop the English for Engineering Course and take up something else since I have an IELTS overall band score of 8.0 with a minimum of 7.0 in each field. If so, how do I drop that and take another one?
  9. What can I do after studying some courses that are unrelated to my final major and didn't study any courses relating to my final major (i.e.desired major vs. actual declared major)
  10. Which fundamental courses would I need to take in year 1 if I want to major in IELM in year 2?
  11. Due to the credit transfer by my hkdse English result(5*), does it means that i need only 117 credits to graduate? Can I still take another course to earn 120 credits?
  12. Is the enrollment system based on first come first serve principle?