Undergraduate Student Resources

Academic Questions

  1. What common core courses should I take?
  2. Can I change the courses I selected after the registration period?
  3. Should I take a minor? What options are available?
  4. Can I do a double major?
  5. How can I find out more about a particular engineering program? How would I know which one is most suitable for me?
  6. What are the career prospects for graduates of the different engineering programs? To what extent will these prospects be affected by the number of graduates?
  7. Are most engineering courses related to physics and mathematics?

Learning Strategies

  1. How heavy is the academic workload at HKUST? What about the workload of an individual course?
  2. What am I supposed to learn from each course?
  3. How do I learn effectively as a university student?
  4. How can I study well in order to obtain good results?
  5. Where should I seek help?

Non Academic Questions

  1. What are the social and academic norms at HKUST?
  2. Will I have enough time to study and participate in extra-curricular activities?
  3. Which residential hall should I choose?
  4. How can I develop a good relationship with my classmates? How do I make friends?
  5. How do I know whether I can get along well with the students in the program that I am interested in?